The Kimberley region in north-western Australia is world renowned for its rugged natural beauty, remoteness, waterfalls, and Aboriginal culture. It is home to a rich array of animals and plants, including a large number found nowhere else on ... read more

Freshwater Fishes of the Kimberley A Field Guide
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Women the world over are brought up to hope, even expect, to find the man of their dreams, marry and live happily ever after. When Stephanie Wood meets a sweet man who owns a farm and property,... read more

Fake: A Startling True Story of Love in a World of Liars, Cheats, Narcissists, Fantasists and Phonies
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The Natural World of the Kimberley is a valuable addition to our knowledge and appreciation of the Kimberley's geology, environment, flora and fauna. This volume is essential reading for those living in or travelling through the Kimberley region
The Kimberley's... read more

The Natural World of the Kimberley
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Would Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson have ever crossed the Blue Mountains without the help of the local Aboriginal people? The invaluable role of local guides in this event is rarely recognised. As sil... read more

Australia's First Naturalists: The Importance of Indigenous People to Early Zoological Collectors (PB)
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Birds and what they tell us. By the Ungarinyin (Ngarinyin), Worrorra and Wunambal Gaambara people of Mowanjum Community.

Jirigi Jinda Ardangarri, Burnarri Anja, Diigu Aagala - Birds
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A first in sporting literature, "The Aboriginal Soccer Tribe" is the largely untold story of Aboriginal involvement with the world game. The acceptance that Aboriginal players found within the post-World War II migr... read more

The Aboriginal Soccer Tribe: A History of Aboriginal Involvement with the World Game
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Cattlemen in Pearls introduces us to 28 remarkable Australian women, spanning three generations, whose love for the land and livestock is ingrained in their genetic profile. These powerful, surprising and moving mini-biographies recount tales of gri... read more

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Chinna uncovers the lost places that exist beneath the townscape of Perth. For the last four years the poet has walked the wetlands of the Swan Coastal Plain - and she has walked the paths and streets where the wetlands once were. Chinna wri... read more

Swamp Poems: Walking the Wetlands of the Swan Coastal Plain
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 Nature and Science

Following on from Birds of Australia, this new book from Don Hadden showcases more than 85 birds that live in some of Australia's direct and hottest regions.The beauty of these birds, such as the tiny delicate Emuwren that lives exclusively among Spinifex clumps, the un... read more

Birds of the Outback
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Michael Farrell has a reputation as the most adventurous and experimental of contemporary Australian poets, since he continually pushes the boundaries of what our poetry can do. Cocky's Joy is likely to be his breakthrough collection, the one which wins him a wider audience, and part of ... read more

Cocky's Joy
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** Fully reviewed and updated for the 2018-2019 financial year**
This is the only money guide you'll ever need
That's a bold claim, given there are already thousands of finance books on the shelves.
So what... read more

The Barefoot Investor: The Only Money Guide You'll Ever Need Updated 2019
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 Biography and Memoir

Reading Level:3 Biography

The powerful, inspiring memoir of life under fire and the battle back from the brink by a man who has seen conflict around the world Grant Edwards was once an elite athlete, Olympics qualifier and Australia's strongest man. His Guinness Book of Records feats of strength ... read more

The Strong Man
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