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"Frogs! I love frogs, frogs in Broome. They live in my house in every room."So begins the story of Mrs Millar and her much loved frogs. Follow the adventures of these little characters as they hop and hide in Mrs Millar's house.
This new edition of an old favorite, which has never lost its appeal for young readers

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In Beyond the Lattice Susan Sickert seeks answers to her questions about this fascinating Australian town. She steps off the verandah, away from the pearlers' world of privilege, privacy and power behind the lattice. She looks instead for the heart of Broome in the lives of t... read more

Beyond The Lattice
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"Bobby's Surprise takes us on a new adventure as Bobby leads Lucas, Tallulah and Baz all over town on an urgent mission."--Back cover.

Bobby's Surprise Another Broome Adventure
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The Long Road to Broome
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Where is Bobby? Broome boys Lucas and Baz, with their friend Tallulah, search for him around their town.
A fun story for young readers with a surprise at the end. The delightful illustrations show us the well known features of the town in a new way

Looking For Bobby A Broome Adventure
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Broome Western Australia
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 Broome and Pearling

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 Broome History

Picture the bustle of the Roebuck Bay foreshore, where a ?forest? of luggers dominated the landscape, children played off the jetties and amongst the mangroves, and Asian, Aboriginal and European workers mingled in the work sheds and divers? quarters.Set... read more

Wallking Jetty to JettyStories of Broome
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