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Broome Booklet
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 Broome History

Picture the bustle of the Roebuck Bay foreshore, where a ?forest? of luggers dominated the landscape, children played off the jetties and amongst the mangroves, and Asian, Aboriginal and European workers mingled in the work sheds and divers? quarters.Set... read more

Wallking Jetty to JettyStories of Broome
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In Beyond the Lattice Susan Sickert seeks answers to her questions about this fascinating Australian town. She steps off the verandah, away from the pearlers' world of privilege, privacy and power behind the lattice. She looks instead for the heart of Broome in the lives of t... read more

Beyond The Lattice
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The True Story of a Fatal Experiment1912 Broome was as much 'Asian' as 'Australian'. The town thrived on the hugely profitable, but extremely dangerous, pearl shell industry. It was a frontier town where racial tensions simmered. T... read more

The White Divers of Broome: The True Story of a Fatal Experiment
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 Broome History

Tears of the Moon is the spellbinding prequel to Kimberley Sun from Australia's favourite storyteller with the new novel Arcadia out soon. Two inspiring journeys. Two unforgettable women. One amazing story.Broome, Australia, 1893: It's the wild and passionate heyday of the pea... read more

Tears of the Moon
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The Japanese attack on Broome is the second most deadly air raid on Australia soil in our history and yet it's almost entirely overlooked. On 3 March 1942, nine Japanese Zero planes strafed the small town planning to ... read more

The Ghosts of Roebuck Bay: The 1942 Bombing of Broome, and its Tragic Aftermath
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 Broome History

This extraordinary true tale follows the disappearance of more than 20 million dollars worth of precious diamonds during World War II. In 1942, as the Japanese army advanced on Java, two wealthy businessmen entrusted a Russian aviator, Captain Ivan Smirnoff, with a sm... read more

The Diamond Dakota Mystery
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Lifted from the bed of the Indian Ocean outside La Grange Bay, North West Australia, one Saturday in August, 1905, the great pearl that figures in this story was pronounced by the few that saw it to be worth a king's ransom. Within forty-eight hours, however, it w... read more

The Tragic Pearl
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